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In a Nutshell

FlowTran & FlowTran-X

Since the acquisition in 2016 of simulation package FlowTran and calculation software SIROGAS (developed  and trademarked by CSIRO), Perth - Australia based FlowTran Pty Ltd has worked tirelessly to present the pipeline and process engineering communities with a user friendly, intuitive and affordable web based pipeline simulation software option.


Following extensive development and Beta testing, FlowTran-X was released in June 2020, while already boasting a significant client base and enthusiastic following.


FlowTran continues to evolve FlowTran-X by keeping abreast of industry developments and listening to the user community.


What is FlowTran-X?

FlowTran-X is design and simulation software relied upon by Pipeline Engineers the world over.

The web-based browser interface allows users to access their data anytime, anywhere while allowing multiple people to share and manipulate this data simultaneously.

Flowtran-X's ability to easily produce transient as well as steady state models for operational pipelines is considered a major benefit by and for pipeline design engineers.

Model complex and simple networks

Simulate component interaction

Track network performance

Advanced reporting

Modern, browser-based interface

Change equipment configurations easily

Model complex networks simply

Data presented simply

Latest News


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Beta Version of FlowTran-X Released

February 1, 2020

Following extensive modifications to the pipeline design and simulation software package FlowTran, the Beta Version of FlowTran-X is currently being trialed by a select group of pipeline specialists. The greatly improved and modernised package is expected to be released later this year and will boast a host of exciting developments to Pipeline Engineers and Controllers.