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FlowTran-X is a Cloud based pipeline modelling and simulation package, hosted using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new FlowTran-X software is backwardly compatible with existing FlowTran models, and as such allows for seamless migration to the new and much improved package.

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FlowTran-X: About

When using FlowTran-X, the quality of systems engineering can be greatly improved, at significantly reduced costs. This is achieved through the design of more efficient and reliable pipeline systems.

In addition to the general cost savings achieved through increased design efficiencies, FlowTran-X also allows the tracking and prediction of complex network performance and real time monitoring of the systems designed.

By having the ability to accurately model steady state and transient behaviours of pipeline networks and simulate individual components and their interaction with each other, further “finetuning” of the pipeline networks can be achieved.

FlowTran-X also enables the user to tightly integrate equipment characteristics, analysis and output with their systems’ schematic representation.

In already existing pipeline systems, it is possible to identify and correct operational problems such as leaks and other commonly encountered issues.

FlowTran-X: About
FlowTran-X: Features

Model complex and simple networks

Accurately model steady state and transient behaviour of multiple pipeline networks and scenarios.

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