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About FlowTran

FlowTran Pty Ltd based in Perth, Australia was established in 2016 by three experienced Oil & Gas professionals.


The team’s vision was to provide the industry with a software package that allows engineers to make the process of designing, simulating, modelling and monitoring complex pipelines much more intuitive compared to when using conventional software.


The first step on the road to developing a user friendly simulation and modelling tool was the company’s acquisition of existing and widely acclaimed software package FlowTran, which incorporates SIROGAS calculations.


Since that original acquisition, the people at Flowtran have been working tirelessly to offer the engineering community FlowTran-X, the much improved web based version of FlowTran.

The Beta version of FlowTran-X, with its vastly enhanced user interface and greatly increased modelling and simulation features, was first released in February 2020.

Later that year, in June 2020, FlowTran-X Version 1.0 was released. Since then, the package has acquired a significant following and loyal client base. As such, FlowTran-X could already boast approximately 20 very active users in the first half of 2020 alone.

Existing FlowTran users are actively encouraged to make the seamless transition to FlowTran-X. The company does this by, amongst others and where needed, providing assistance to its customers with the conversion of existing FlowTran models to FlowTran-X.


To ensure new and up and coming engineers are able to gain relevant experience with the package, inroads are being made with a number of Australian universities to ensure FlowTran-X becomes part of their curriculum. Further roll-out to other international universities are in the pipeline.

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Meet the Team


Mark Cooper

Business Development Director

Nick Last


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Stuart Weston


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