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Building on the proven capability of the original FlowTran package, FlowTran-X has been transformed into a user friendly, web based, modelling simulator for the pipeline engineering and process control industries.


Continuing to use industry proven SIROGAS calculations, the new & intuitive FlowTran-X user interface offers ever more comprehensive modelling options of transient and steady state behaviour in complex pipeline networks.

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FlowTran-X Training

To ensure FlowTran-X users enjoy all the features and benefits the package has to offer, we can provide staff training on how to use this specialist software.

We can also provide training on the interpretation of the data derived and the principles and techniques of developing pipeline models.

Training courses can be organised swiftly at a location of your choice or through screenshare video calls and will be fully tailored to ensure you and your staff get the most out of these sessions.

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Consultancy Services

In addition to providing advanced engineering software, FlowTran also offers consultancy services to support your pipeline modelling and performance requirements.

Our experienced Oil & Gas professionals and experts are available to take on your entire pipeline modelling development process, or they can simply be called upon to provide your existing staff with assistance and support where and when needed.

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Plans & Pricing

Each FlowTran-X customer has their own very different modelling needs and usage patterns.

To ensure users can get the most out of FlowTran-X, whether that user is a small consultancy firm or a major pipeline operator, each software subscription plan is tailored to users' particular needs.

All FlowTran-X plans include a registration and setup fee with additional usage fees charges based on the number of FlowTran-X users and their actual use of the package (monthly usage fee plans are capped).

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